Project Management Contract Services

We support large organisations, consultancy firms and end customers to safely navigate their technology and transformational projects. We utilise our expertise and commitment to ensure that our customers projects and goals are achieved. Our main customers in this field are IT Outsourcing and Consultancy firms requiring contract PM services for their clients. We also work directly for small start-ups/investors demanding a 360º feasibility/project management approach.

Our experience

We have hands on experience dealing with technology and transformational projects in challenging environments.

We have participated in many projects for Telecom customers and delivered 360º project management projects for small start-ups and investors.

Here are some of the companies our team has worked for:

ERP and CRM Implementation Services

As part of our software services, we assist our customers to do more with less using our productised ERP cloud solution. We provide customisation, consultancy, training and change management to digitalise operations of small and medium enterprises. We count with large experience in deployment, change management and business process in complex environments to ensure a smooth operation for your company.

Our Expertise

We focus on delivering quality project management and turn-key technology projects.

Our experience focus on traditional IT, Software and Telecom/Networking projects.

We count also with experience in Data Science/Data Analysis projects.

IT & Network Project Management

Business Applications

ERP and CRM Implementation

Data Science and Statistical Analysis

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